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Case# Document Date Advertiser Product Challenger Category
6001 Case Report 9/15/2016 The Colgate Palmolive Company Tom’s of Maine “Naturally Dry” Antiperspirant Unilever United States, Inc. Cosmetics/Beauty Products/Toiletries
6002 Case Report 9/15/2016 DISH Network LLC Advertising by DISH Network DIRECTV, Inc. Telecommunication Products/Services
6000 Case Report 9/9/2016 HFL Solutions, Inc. Blood Sugar Optimizer Dietary Supplements Council for Responsible Nutrition Dietary Supplements
5999 Case Report 9/1/2016 Seventh Generation, Inc. Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry Detergent & Household Cleaning Products The Procter & Gamble Company Household Products
5998 Case Report 9/1/2016 BAI BRANDS LLC Bai5 Beverages VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc. Food/Beverage
5996 Case Report 9/1/2016 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC XFINITY DIRECTV, Inc. Telecommunication Products/Services
5995 Case Report 8/30/2016 Nootrobox, Inc. Advertising for Nootropics National Advertising Division Dietary Supplements
5994 Case Report 8/30/2016 Springfree Trampoline, Inc. Trampolines Vuly Trampolines Pty. Ltd. Leisure/Entertainment
5993 Case Report 8/29/2016 Shoes for Crews, LLC Slip-Resistant Shoes Skechers USA, Inc. Clothing/Fabric/Fashion Accessories
5992 Case Report 8/25/2016 NextAdvisor, Inc. Credit Card Reviews National Advertising Division Websites/Web Services
5991 Case Report 8/22/2016 DSE Healthcare, LLC Prelief Dietary Supplements National Advertising Division Dietary Supplements
5890 Case Report 8/17/2016 American Dream Nutrition, LLC PhytoZon Dietary Supplement National Advertising Division Dietary Supplements
5958 Compliance Report 8/11/2016 Sprint Corporation Advertising by Sprint Corporation T-MOBILE USA, INC. Telecommunication Products/Services
5984 Case Report 8/9/2016 French’s Food Company French’s Tomato Ketchup The Kraft Heinz Company Food/Beverage
5983 Case Report 8/8/2016 Slim-Fast Foods Company SlimFast Advanced Nutrition Products National Advertising Division Food/Beverage
5982 Case Report 8/3/2016 Legacy Labs, LLC Cognitine Dietary Supplements Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Inc. Dietary Supplements
5981 Case Report 8/2/2016 NexGrill Industries, Inc. Evolution Infrared Plus Grill Char-Broil, LLC Appliances
5980 Case Report 7/29/2016 M&M/MARS CocoaVia Cocoa Extract Dietary Supplement National Advertising Division Dietary Supplements
5979 Case Report 7/27/2016 VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Prepaid Plan Consumer Telecommunication Products/Services
5977 Case Report 7/26/2016 Goop, Inc. Moon Juice Action Dust and Brain Dust Dietary Supplements National Advertising Division. Dietary Supplements
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